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Set Up an Automated Income Stack in 3 Hours

After setting up these emails in my business, they converted at 20.43% and generated $8,850 in “lost” revenue (on just one funnel).
I'm not saying you'll have these results, but if you did, you'd be earning $2,950 per hour worked.
I want that for you so I made a workshop to help you do it!

whenever you're ready

recorded from a previous workshop

Everyone wishes their email marketing was like little bots working hard in the background, bringing in revenue.

And that can happen…

when you build a set of income stacking email marketing sequences.

Abandoned Cart Workshop gets this one Email Income Stack DONE.

And in just 3 hours.

We'll create an Abandoned Cart email sequence designed to get customers to complete their purchase.

It's awesome because it…

Let's Be Real for a Minute...

We both know setting up email automations can be hella confusing.

So let's do it together, shall we?

Hi, I'm Monica Snyder & I'm passionate about helping you use email marketing systems that work so you can use your time to do other things… like hang out with your real-life besties!

What you will learn (and accomplish!) in the Abandoned Cart Workshop

No more procrastinating or “spinning your wheels”

You’ll leave with your new email automation fully finished, ready to send, and off your plate


Here's a Sneak Peek of the Workbook You'll Use to Make it Happen!

"No Longer Need to Worry About This Part of My Funnel"

“Monica made it so easy with her templates & style of teaching, it actually took no time at all for me to complete.

I now no longer need to worry about this part of my funnel & can focus on serving my audience.”

Soul Alchemy Branding

Total Value: $594

Not Priced At: $97
Today's Price: $47

"I loved the fact that I was walking away from the course with my sequence set up."

“It was so amazing, and such a great use of time to be able to sit and work through writing the emails and setting up the abandoned cart sequence whilst on the course.

Monica was super helpful (and knowledgeable about all the tech), and made sure no-one got left behind.

The feedback we got was invaluable.

Thank you!!”

Time Saving Assistant

Now You May Be Thinking...

What will I learn that I can’t find on Google?

Sure, you can always find free content on Google. You can comb through hundreds of different people’s advice, but most of the time they just give you a high-level overview without the juicy details. So you'll end up smashing different bits and pieces of advice together that… just don’t work (and will probably frustrate the crap out of you). 

Can you get there? Sure. But it’ll be a heck of a lot of your valuable time and energy.

Or you can attend a small curated workshop where you have access to expert advice, tried and true re-engagement strategies, and leave with the perfect email series ready to send to your list.

No overwhelm necessary.

Isn't this inside Relationship & Revenue?

While Relationship & Revenue has a ton of great templates, the abandoned cart one is not one that is included.

What tech do I need to have in place to make this work?

You'll need to have a way to send emails (think ConvertKit, SendGrid, ActiveCampaign, etc) and a way for people to purchase.

I'll be showing how to set up the way to automate this for using the tech I use (ClickFunnels, Kajabi, ActiveCampaign, & ConvertKit) but will also be helping those with other tech. 

After you purchase, there's a video on the thank you page that gathers what tech you use. If I don't already have it in the workshop, I'll reach out!

Total Value: $594

Not Priced At: $97
Today's Price: $47

If you hate the workshop, or feel like it wasn't great, we'll give you your money back. No worries there.

But, if you do the work and implement the series and you don't see a positive ROI after 300 people come through the sequence, we'll give you $100 for wasting your time.

Total Value: $594

Not Priced At: $97
Today's Price: $47

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